Hard Rock Mining Tailings Treatment Technology

The mining industry injects trillions of dollars into the global economy. However, the economic and environmental liabilities associated with the conventional management of mine waste are, unfortunately, vast and increasingly unsustainable. Mining tailings ponds has led to ecological and human health damages and multimillion-dollar cleanup costs at hundreds, if not thousands of mine sites in North America and more worldwide.

EnviCore has designed a sustainable tailings treatment solution that combines inexpensive and widely available reagents to maximize the treatment efficiency and minimize the operational expenses. The simple mixing procedure and widely available chemicals ensure the applicability of the technology to almost any geographical location while the specifics behind the treatment mechanism ensures sediment fortification on the time scale of days following the treatment. The treatment shows remarkable tailings compaction and reduction of all major contaminants from the process released water, making it suitable for fast land reclamation and timely released water recycling.

Key Advantages


Versatile retrofit with in-line mixing, thickeners or static mixing operations


Wet strength > 3 kPa

Dried strength > 460 kPa


Treatment utilizes commercially available low cost treatment reagents


 Heavy metal concentration under 1 ppm 

EnviCore’s Technology Retrofit