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EnviCore's Chemical Process Accelerates Dewatering and Adds Value to Mine Tailings


Calgary, Alberta, Canada – February 22, 2023 – EnviCore Inc. (EnviCore), a leading technology developing firm specializing in sustainable solutions for mine waste management, announces the successful results of a multi-tonne oil sands mitigation scale-up test performed at InnoTech Alberta (InnoTech) – a division of Alberta Innovates – in Edmonton, Alberta.

EnviCore has developed a chemical-based process for improving the dewatering of oil sands mature fine tailings (MFT) and converting the dewatered tailings into value-added products. InnoTech was selected due to their ability to provide a 3rd Party review in scaling-up the testing of EnviCore’s technology from the bench scale level to process approximately 2,000 litres of MFT.

"The project met its goals of the scaling-up assessment of EnviCore's technology for improved dewatering efficiency versus current industry standards and successfully extracting waste minerals for use in construction," said Shahrukh Shamim, CEO of EnviCore. InnoTech’s report added that EnviCore’s technology improved the permeability of the tailings with a higher coefficient of consolidation and the potential acceleration of the MFT deposits dewatering process by one to two orders of magnitude compared to the cases where the MFT is untreated.

This project utilized tailing samples from one of the oil sands operations and produced a commercially acceptable product for the construction industry. Clariant Mining Solutions is collaborating with EnviCore on the development and supply of tailings solutions. Pablo Dopico, Head of Marketing, added: “the results of the demonstration project are exciting because they are showing both improved dewatering efficiency and the potential to turn tailings into useful products.”

EnviCore has also made significant advancements in mitigating the environmental impacts of other mine tailings from various hard-rock operations worldwide, which have also produced cementitious materials for use in other industries.

EnviCore is dedicated to promoting responsible mining practices, alongside the industry, with the goal of reducing harm to the environment and mitigating the impact of climate change through effective management of mine tailings. By using innovative technologies, such as its chemical-based process, EnviCore aims to improve the sustainability and efficiency of mining operations, while also creating a new, widely usable cementitious product.

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Shahrukh Shamim


About EnviCore Inc.:

EnviCore Inc. is a Calgary-based technology development firm dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for mine waste management. The company focuses on utilizing mine waste to produce cementitious materials while reducing environmental impact. EnviCore is committed to developing innovative solutions for responsible mine waste management and the reduction of carbon emissions from the construction sector.

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