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Mining Tailings Repurposing is our Speciality


Repurposing of mine waste is a key component to more sustainable mining industry and mitigation of climate change. At the same time, by turning waste into assets, through the reuse of valuable materials, the mining industry can transform tailing ponds from a liability to an asset.  EnviCore has developed a novel patent-pending process that transforms mine waste or minerals into supplementary cementitious material (SCMs) enabling up to 20% cement replacement. EnviCore’s mission is to reduce the impact of mine tailings on humans and the environment by repurposing tailings waste to drive the next generation of sustainable construction with a lower carbon footprint. 

Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), also referred to as pozzolans, are substances that contain amorphous compounds and have the pozzolanic property that enables interaction with the calcium hydroxide produced when the cement hydrates in water, producing additional calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) that enhances the strength and durability of cement composites. Fly ash, silica fume, slag, metakaolin, calcined bentonite, rice husk ash, and perlite are a few examples.

EnviCore's technology is based on a transformational approach to converting a diverse set of mineral feedstock into SCMs at low temperatures. The technology involves processing multiple types of mineral feed at low temperatures to achieve activation and successful partial replacement of cement in a concrete mix without sacrificing its early strength. Our process doesn't utilize high pressure or high energy disintegration of minerals to produce SCMs.


We have enabled the successful valorization of locally sourced minerals to meet the immense demands of cement. Our process can be easily retrofitted in an existing cement production facility or can be built close to it to achieve minimal material transportation. 

Mining Plant
Broken Concrete

Locally Sourced

Minerals are locally sourced to minimize material hauling

Low Temperature

EnviCore's SCMs are produced at low temperatures to achieve significant CO2 reduction (85-90% /ton)

Economically Viable

Simple and elegant SCMs production process reduces OpEx and CapEx

Superior Performance

Mortars with EnviCore's SCMs match control strength (OPC) after day 7 and surpass after day 28


Till now we have successfully validated our SCMs technology on multiple minerals feedstock. We are actively working with numerous cement and mining companies to achieve net zero waste and carbon emissions by 2050.


Mine Tailings

SCMs produced from mining tailing such as Zinc, Copper, Gold, Nickel, Asbestos, etc. 


Clay Minerals

SCMs produced from kaolinite and illite-rich clay minerals.


Colored SCMs

SCMs produced from Nickel-Cobalt Tailings for colored concrete application.

fly ash.png

Upgraded Bottom/Coal Ash

Premium Fly Ash produced to provide superior strength and durability. 


Recycled Concrete and Glass

SCMs produced from recycled concrete paste and waste glass to achieve a robust circular economy.

Carbon Footprint of EnviCore's SCMs


EnviCore's SCMs production process does not rely on high-energy milling process to activate minerals.

EnviCore's SCMs Performance

SAI-28 days.png

Performance of EnviCore's SCMs after 20% cement replacement. The strength is compared against Portland Cement control to show the efficacy and robustness of our technology (validated by cement manufacturing companies).

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